Thursday, 25 February 2016

They know it all..!! A Mother's care, MOTHERCARE

All you mothers out there would understand how important it is for us to take COMPLETE care of our young sweethearts.Their clothes, food, surroundings etc we make sure they get the best of everything. As any new mother would be, i was also skeptical about selecting a brand in toiletries for Zara. As many of my relatives and friends kept bombarding me with thoughts as to how fresh my baby would SMELL by using the most leading brand for babies in India without even understanding the hazards it would cause.

In a world where everything is available on  the web i too decided to do some research for this and stumbled upon a very wellknown brand called " Mothercare" . They are one of the leading brands for infant and kids products in The United Kingdom, Available in india through online websites or shoppers stop outlets in any mall. 

My take on their products :

I brought the entire range of toiletries from their store and i must say its all worth it. My girl has extremely sensitive skin and i have been using them on her since her birth and touch wood no reactions whatsoever. 

Their entire range is Hypoallergenic, midwife and dermotogically tested and is kind to the tender skin. Smell is mild and will linger on to the baby for a while which is not a problem for me because it gives me the assurance that it has mild ingredients in it. No rashes or redness on the skin and it doesn't cause and itching or burning to my baby. 

Pro's :

  • Its midwife and dermatological tested and is mild on the tender supple skin
  • Fragrance is mild and lingers on a little while
  • No tears formula
  • Oil is very light to use,gets absorbed easily into the skin and is removed with just one wash
  • Body lotion is water based and blends well into the skin
  • The soap lathers well and so does the body wash
  • Availability can be an issue sometimes
  • Price range is high when compared to other brands available in India
  • Soap does burn the eye and caused irritation to my little one.
Well to sum up, if you are looking for good range of stuff for your baby then you can visit mothercare outlets or shopperstop stores in any city. They have some amazing things and are totally worth the try. 

Rating :

5 out of 5. 

Until the next one take care folks....

Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Katraj zoo.. Pune

As a new blogger i am still getting the hang of it and learning to write and make my blog more appealing to its readers. Its tough though but not impossible. 

Zara's birthday was special this year because she could understand what was going on and enjoying the attention on her special day so we took her to a zoo to enjoy her day her way. Located in Katraj, Pune is "Rajiv Gandhi Park" A fun destination which gives educative information to those interested, and for those who are like us wanting their child to run around and have some fun this place is apt. 

Entry fees is INR 25 per person and if u own a camera which you want to take inside you have to pay charges accordingly, we had to pay INR 50 for our DSLR. The place is amazing to relax and watch animals along with your kids, but caging animals is something that i dont advocate. Anyways there is a time limit to stay inside, you can stay till 5.30pm  and then they start vacating you. I dint like this concept, ofcourse they might have their reasons but i felt it should be extended for an hour more so that people can enjoy the cool evening breeze, because during the day its not worth to dehydrate yourself to roam around in the scorching sun and just when you start to enjoy the sun setting giving way to cool inviting breeze you are forced to vacate the place. 

All in all it was fun for us as we enjoyed the time we spent there and my munchkin ran around like crazy making it all worthwhile. Here are some pics from the visit.

                          Pictures clicked by my hubby.. Are photographers camera shy!!!??? 

Lets go baby enough of running... :-)

Monday, 15 February 2016

Punjabi kudi ...

Hey people.. My baby girl Zara is now two..!!! Time flies As all mothers i also remember the exact time my tiny cuddle monkey came into this world. Anyways as promised i am posting pics of my baby in her birthday outfit. 

Until the next one... Cheers!!!

Friday, 12 February 2016

Rice Flour Chapati

Human beings are slave for variety, since it adds the much needed spice to life. If your bored of eating rice then try this chapati made with its flour, Today's post is a recipe which is made best by my mum-in-law. She makes the most softest rice flour chapatis. There are many ways in which you can make them but i like this way best. Here it goes....

Ingredients - (Makes 4 chapatis)

Rice flour - 1 medium bowl 
Water - 1 medium bowl (preferably the same bowl used to measure the flour)
Oil- 1 tablespoon
Salt to taste.


In a vessel add water,oil, and salt and bring it to a boil. Add rice flour to it and mix it to form a mixture ( dont worry about the lumps ) .Once done cover the vessel with a lid and switch off the gas, leave it for 10 min.

Now in a flat plate remove the mixture add a lil oil and knead it to soften it further. Now follow the same procedure as you make your wheat chapati [roll it flat and round or any shape :-) ] and roast it evenly.

Andddd its done. Enjoy soft chapatis with any curry of your choice, trust me its awesome with just anything.

Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Birthday shoppin.

Hey peps.. I am back with another post.
Everybody loves to shop, so do i!! Its always exciting to roam around and buy fun stuff for yourself and others..hmmm (mostly yourself) :-). 
But today its not me but an outfit for my baby girl who turns two this month. Shopping for toddlers is pretty confusing as you have lovely options which puts you into confusion coz you wanna buy everthing that's cute for your lil munchkin.

This time we decided to buy something Indian, A traditional outfit for my tomboy. Staying in Pune,Maharashtra the right place to shop for me would be M.G Road. Almost all outfits for my girl is taken from an Outlet called KUDOS. They have some amazing stock, almost everything from western,indian,indo-western for kids aswell as ladies at affordable prices.

Amidst some beautiful pieces of garment we found something classy and comfortable in our eyes for a messy toddler. In a lovely combination of dark pink and navy blue with golden lace work on borders of kurta stood a patiala suit set in a corner of the shelf. When the salesman showed it to us it was love at first sight. 

Hers's a glimpse of it..

Promise to post pics of my toddler in it soon.. :-)

Sunday, 7 February 2016

Khombi - A Memon tradition.

My first blog post had to be something very very special, so it is about my tradition. Passed on from our ancestors to us, a tradition every girl dreams to own. "Khombi" is a banbhej garment, either in the form of a dupatta, the entire outfit like a saree or a suit, jacket and so on owned by almost every memon girl. 

I always saw beautiful memon brides wrapped in so called Khombi standing on stage being the center of attraction. It is adorned by almost all the brides in some or the other way. Few prefer it over them as a dupatta covering their head and few as a wedding ensemble itself. In a world where traditions are slowly vanishing , khombi is still maintained as a classic form of adornment of a bride.

khombi can be customized in any color or design, although black and red are the most preferred ones. Of many pages i came across on the internet Khombi house and designers boutique on fb is the best and apt to show the actual khombi bandhej. Btw i own a red one :-))