Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Birthday shoppin.

Hey peps.. I am back with another post.
Everybody loves to shop, so do i!! Its always exciting to roam around and buy fun stuff for yourself and others..hmmm (mostly yourself) :-). 
But today its not me but an outfit for my baby girl who turns two this month. Shopping for toddlers is pretty confusing as you have lovely options which puts you into confusion coz you wanna buy everthing that's cute for your lil munchkin.

This time we decided to buy something Indian, A traditional outfit for my tomboy. Staying in Pune,Maharashtra the right place to shop for me would be M.G Road. Almost all outfits for my girl is taken from an Outlet called KUDOS. They have some amazing stock, almost everything from western,indian,indo-western for kids aswell as ladies at affordable prices.

Amidst some beautiful pieces of garment we found something classy and comfortable in our eyes for a messy toddler. In a lovely combination of dark pink and navy blue with golden lace work on borders of kurta stood a patiala suit set in a corner of the shelf. When the salesman showed it to us it was love at first sight. 

Hers's a glimpse of it..

Promise to post pics of my toddler in it soon.. :-)

Sunday, 7 February 2016

Khombi - A Memon tradition.

My first blog post had to be something very very special, so it is about my tradition. Passed on from our ancestors to us, a tradition every girl dreams to own. "Khombi" is a banbhej garment, either in the form of a dupatta, the entire outfit like a saree or a suit, jacket and so on owned by almost every memon girl. 

I always saw beautiful memon brides wrapped in so called Khombi standing on stage being the center of attraction. It is adorned by almost all the brides in some or the other way. Few prefer it over them as a dupatta covering their head and few as a wedding ensemble itself. In a world where traditions are slowly vanishing , khombi is still maintained as a classic form of adornment of a bride.

khombi can be customized in any color or design, although black and red are the most preferred ones. Of many pages i came across on the internet Khombi house and designers boutique on fb is the best and apt to show the actual khombi bandhej. Btw i own a red one :-))